About Me!

Whats up everyone!

My Name is Charlie and I am from Denver, CO.

After years of being an avid runner and overall athlete I noticed there was a MASSIVE selection of running and jogging strollers/buggy’s out there and wanted to put together some real reviews of the latest and greatest out on the market.

I know it can be hard to differentiate the real difference in some of the products out on the market so I try to use my personal family knowledge as well as knowledge I have gathered from friends and neighbors who are involved in the running community!

It can be a real pain to get a solid run in while pushing your little one around BUT if you use a high quality Jogger like the ones listed HERE it will make your run a million times more enjoyable for you and your kids!


As always I like to buy most of my gear from Amazon because of the fast and secure service with returns on just about everything! you cant go wrong





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